26.03.2012: Changes in the formation and website online!

Something is stirring in Mortal Strike... and finally Mortal Strike has a presence in the Internet worthy of the neon green tank!

We greet the World !!!Our Page is finally online...Every group consists of individuals, every individual has own goals and wishes. Often it is managed to successfully combine interests and create something of worth out of that dynamic - this is how Progress is done. During this progress every individual has to decide for itself if the own goals and interests are still taken into account. If this isn't the case any longer, you should ask yourself if what was created stands above the own wishes and if you can define it as a new goal. Since it is made out of the groupdynamic, this will often be the case. However sometimes it won't and you have to react to these consequences.

And we have...
the decision, after W:O:A and the brilliant feedback we got from the jury, and the brilliant feedback from our fans and audiences around Austria and Germany, to take Mortal Strike to the new level and try to make the jump to a professional band, will challenge us in all new ways and on a higher level than before. With need of more commitment,dedication and energy.

We are no longer 5 friends making music in a cellar - we are a band!
Sadly not all of us are able to make that jump. The causes being work or private reasons.

A few days ago Martin and Felix decided to give up their role as musicians in the band and of course we are sad to see them go. But of course we understand their well considered decision to change from the stage to the crowd.

Luckily two others are changing from the crowd to the stage. 
Now we are working as hard as ever to build up the band and the dynamic.
Our first concert is upcomming!

It's 2012
a tank is rolling
gather round the banner and


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